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Trailer Wiring Kit for Range Rover Sport

Applies To:

Item: YWJ500170ABP
Fits: Range Rover Sport | '06 - '09
Range Rover Sport Supercharged | '06 - '09


We've specially-developed this trailer wiring package for Range Rover Sport vehicles. This kit seamlessly converts your Rover wiring plug to either a standard 'Flat 4' North American spec plug or 7-way plug (both connectors included!). Our quality harness kits are dependable and cost a fraction of the genuine versions. They feature a rubber plug cap to protect the exterior trailer plug from the elements and easy plug-and-go installation means they can be installed in minutes.


Parts included in Kit #YWJ500170ABP:
  • 4 ea. M5 x 0.8mm x 40mm machine screws
  • 1 ea. YMZ500770ABP harness with trailer connectors
  • 1 ea. YMZ500393ABP harness with vehicle connectors
  • 5 cable ties
  • Instructions


Tools Needed for Kit #YWJ500170ABP:
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • 10 mm wrench
  • Allen Wrench


Note: You will be working in an area that is near the muffler, so make sure the muffler has completely cooled before starting this project.


Installation Procedure:

1. Remove the left tail light assembly by removing the 2 screws. The tail light will pull off. See photo #1. Disconnect the tail light assembly at the connector and set aside.

(photo 1)


2. Remove the Trailer Connector Access panel. (See photo #2)

(photo 2)


3. The YWJ500170ABP Wiring Harness comes in 2 parts. One part with the connectors that plug into the Trailer, and the second part with the connectors that plug into the vehicle.

4. Take the part with the trailer connectors and feed the harness through the opening in the bumper (the hole on the left). Maneuver the trailer connector through the opening. It may take some twisting and turning, but it will fit. (See photo # 2A.)

(photo 2a)


5. Secure the connector with the 4 screws provided. (See photo # 3.)

(photo 3)


6. Remove the 2 hold-down brackets on the left of the cargo area using the Allen Wrench. (See photo # 4.)

(photo 4)


7. Remove the panel in the left rear of the cargo area of the vehicle by pulling the panel away from the rear. (See photo # 5.)

(photo 5)


8. Disconnect the auxiliary power connector by pulling the plug off. (See photo # 6.)

(photo 6)


9. Find the 2 grey connectors and 1 green connector toward the top of the open area and pull them free from their mounting bracket. (See photos # 7 & 8.)

(photo 7)

(photo 8)


10. The grey connectors are held in place by 2 "dummy" connectors. Remove and discard the "dummy" connectors. (See photo # 9.)

(photo 9)


11. Disconnect the "Backup Obstruction Sensor" connector found snapped in the tail light mounting cavity and pull this wiring harness free from the vehicle. Pull the grommet out and the 3 connectors from inside the vehicle. (See photo # 10.)

(photo 10)


12. Feed the new wiring harness with the vehicle connectors through the hole in the vehicle making sure that the grey and green connectors that will plug into the car are toward the inside. Securely plug these connectors into the mating connectors inside the vehicle and snap into the mounting bracket. (See photo # 11.)

(photo 11)


13. Push the grommet into place.

14. Remove the nut from the grounding stud (10mm) and secure the ring lug of the trailer wiring harness to this stud. (See photo # 12.)

(photo 12)


15. Back outside the vehicle, feed the 2 connectors at the very end of the wiring harness through the hole at the bottom of the tail light mounting cavity, and feed the harness down so that you can see it in the area near the muffler. (See photo # 13)

(photo 13)


16. Remove the spare tire, so you have room to run the cable underneath the car. (See photo # 14.)

(photo 14)


17. Run the cable along the opening underneath the car directly behind the bumper and maneuver the end with the connector such that it comes out in the area near the muffler. (See photo # 15.)

(photo 15)


18. Securely push the connectors together. You will hear them "snap" into place when the connectors are completely seated. Push the white locking tab in to lock the connectors together. (See photo # 16.)

(photo 16)


19. Wrap these connectors with the foam provided so they will not rattle around. (See photo # 17.)

(photo 17)


20. From the tail light area, pull the harness up through the hole in the bottom of this cavity so that the wiring harness is safely far from any hot surfaces of the exhaust system. (See photo # 18.)

(photo 18)


21. Securely plug the connector for the "Backup Obstruction Sensors" in and snap it into its mounting location. (See photo # 19.)

(photo 19)


22. Underneath the car, find the mounting hole on the frame and secure the harness with the "fir-tree" cable tie. (See photo # 20.)

(photo 20)


23. Test the installation.

24. Reinstall the spare tire, tail light assembly, trailer access panel and the access panel in the left rear of the cargo area of the vehicle.

25. If your vehicle was not already configured for towing, you must have the body control module re-configured for trailer ball at a Land Rover dealer or Land Rover capable shop or someone who can access the module with a diagnostic scan tool.




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