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Rover Resources Center

Emergency Park Brake Service

LR3 and Range Rover Sport

To put in Service mode:

Before removing the rear brake disks, please carry out this sequence to put the Electronic Park Brake into Service Mode.

Ensure brake pads and caliper is fitted to all wheels.

In the car with ignition in Position II, press the brake pedal three times and hold the pedal down.

Push down on the EPB switch for 3-5 seconds.

Go to the main fuse box in the engine bay and remove FL8 fuse 30A (pink Fuse) this will ensure that the EPB is not accidentally re-engaged.

How to adjust the Electronic Park Brake

The Electronic Park Brake is operated by a pair of brake shoes on the inside of the rear brake disks. The manufacturer recommends that you strip, clean and adjust the EPB after 50 miles of off road conditions or arduous use. If you have a loud screeching noise when the EPB is applied, then often an adjustment of the Electronic Park Brake will fix this. This procedure MUST be carried out when you change your brake disks and/or brake shoes. If the pads are worn below the limit, you should replace the pads as well as go through the Electronic Parking Brake Shoe Bedding In Procedure.

Tools Required to adjust the Electronic Park Brake

  • Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • 32mm Socket (1-1/4")
  • Torque Wrench
  • Allen Key/Hex (4mm)

Ensure that your rear wheels are off the ground and the car is on axle stands or a car lift.

Remove the rear road wheels.

For a Manual, you don't want the EPB to apply automatically, you should Push the EPB button DOWN whilst switching off the ignition and removing the key.

For an Auto, just don't apply it. The above should be fine if you are leaving the disks on and just adjusting the EPB.

If you're removing the disks for a full clean, then I'd recommend putting it into service mode and removing the 30a fuse.

There are two adjustment parts to the EPB. Using a flat blade screwdriver, remove the plastic lug to reveal a hole.

Turn the disk using the 32mm Hub Socket until the hole (that you removed the plastic plug from) is aligned with the first adjustment point behind the disk, it looks like this.

(Left side. Right side will be upside down to this)

There are two adjustment points.

One is the 4mm Hex bolt(Allen Key) (circled Yellow).

The other is the ratchet (hidden at the bottom, circled in Red).

Rotate the disk again until the hole is in line with the ratchet adjuster (Red).

(The direction of rotation must always be forward).

Using the flat blade screwdriver through the hole, tighten the ratchet until it is tight. (move in the direction AWAY from the EPB spring to release and Towards to tighten up)

Then take your torque wrench and 32mm socket and set it for between 40 and 90Nm.

Place it on the hub nut and if the disk turns, you need to add one click at a time to the ratchet with the screwdriver until the required torque is reached (I set my torque to 60Nm for this exercise).

When the Torque is reached, then you need to release the ratchet by exactly 8 clicks.

Finally, rotate the disk until the hole is in line with the Hex socket (Yellow) and undo this half a turn.

Gently tap the disk with a rubber faced mallet around the shoe area. This will release the tension and it should naturally move if it needs to.

Tighten the Hex socket back up to 6Nm. When that is completed (on both rear wheels), replace the plastic lug and re-fit the road wheels.

If they are new disks or pads, please complete How to Bed In New EPB Shoes.

How to Bed in new EPB shoes

You need to bed in the EPB shoes either when you have changed the EPB shoes or you have changed the rear discs.

With the Engine running, press the brake pedal fully on and off 3 times.

On the third press, hold the brake pedal down.

With the brake pedal still in the down position, pull the EPB switch upwards 4 times and then downwards 3 times.

This must be completed within 10 seconds.

Your dash display will then show 'Park Brake Bedding Cycle Active' or something similar.

If it hasn't, then release the brake pedal and try again.

You need to ensure that you are on a clear piece of road or land as this procedure needs to be completed 10 times.

Drive at least 19mph and maximum of 29mph and then apply the EPB switch until you stop.

You then need to wait for 60 seconds or drive for 500 meters (to allow the brakes to cool down) before repeating the process.

If you stop the engine or you drive over 30 MPH, the bedding in process will be cancelled.

At the end of the 10th time, the bedding in mode may automatically finish, or you should just drive more than 30mph or cycle the ignition.

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